The Brain at Work: 
The Psychology + Neuroscience of Behavioral Change

With expertise in neuroscience, psychology and data analytics, NeuroHealth Partners brings the latest advances in behavioral sciences to organizational settings. We know your organization’s most precious resource is the brain power of your employees. As organizations seek to grow and adapt, we can help you achieve what you’re after: Behavioral change that sticks. 

Learn the Neuroscience of:

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Performance relies on 2 main factors: how motivated people feel and how well they think. Thanks to advances in neuroscience, we now have insight into specific neural networks that underlie various forms of motivation and cognitive abilities. Learn brain-based behavioral strategies to help your employees develop new approaches to sustainably improve motivation and cognitive performance.

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The data are clear: No longer can emotional wellbeing be overlooked. In fact, the best scientific evidence suggests that emotional and cognitive processes are intertwined. When employees feel stressed, unengaged or depleted, their performance shows it. Learn more about the neuropsychology of your employees’ emotional health and what cutting-edge, biologically-based strategies can be used to improve stress management, motivation, habits, and confidence.

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As humans we have a profound capacity for social engagement. How employees are recognized by leaders and colleagues has a significant effect on how they perform and how engaged they remain. Scientific data show that recognition and connection is one of the biggest drivers of engagement. But knowing what to say, when to say it, and who to say it is no easy task. We help you design science-based programs that recognize employees in ways that are motivating, meaningful and genuinely reflective of company values.

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From diversity and inclusion to pay equity to gender rights, there are increasing calls to redefine what fairness means. New questions about equity, inclusion and transparency have significant implications for how companies conduct themselves in a time when information is freely accessed. Discover how research in neuroscience can help you understand what people are really asking and, subsequently, how you can design policies and engage with employees more effectively.

NeuroHealth Partners is the forerunner in bringing neuroscience to gyms and yoga studios. We are a team of scientists, doctors, fitness professionals and yoga instructors. We deliver highly practical, "how-to" trainings through a variety of modalities:

NeuroHealth Partners designs evidence-based trainings and curricula to help clients think differently about performance management: 

  • Motivation: What can neuroscience tell us about motivation? What are the most evidence-based ways to motivate employees? Does pay-for-performance really work? What are other optimal brain-informed strategies to keep employees meaningfully engaged?

  • Uncertainty: The human brain is wired to see uncertainty as threat. As the Future of Work evolves at a breakneck speed, the human brain remains the same as it ever was. So what’s the best way to structure the work environment to match increasing demands for innovation, flexibility and complexity with the way the human brain is wired?

  • Choice: In a world overflowing with choice and information, how can we structure work environments to achieve optimal cognitive and emotional performance? Is more always better? How do you manage segmentation in ways that are fair and meaningful? How do we find the right balance of options without overwhelm?

  • Bias: What do we know about how the human brain is wired for bias? It’s impossible to remove biases from the brain, so how can neuroscience help you design inclusive programs to work with the brain instead of against it?

  • Transparency: What can neuroscience and psychology tell us about the best way to meet increasing calls for transparency and fairness? How is your organization thinking about fairness? What methods can best prepare you to communicate honestly and openly in ways that are satisfying and sustainable for employers and employees?

  • Measurement: In fast-paced, complex environments, how can you implement scientifically-valid strategies to monitor & evaluate employee performance?

  • Emotional Intelligence: What science-based, scalable strategies can help improve emotional intelligence in the workplace?  What’s the best way to design social recognition programs?


We are experts in psychology, neuroscience and statistics.
 We deliver through a variety of modalities, including: 

  • Behavioral & Mental Health Monitoring and Evaluation: We are experts in behavioral science, statistics, and engineering. We work with clients to build evidence-based monitoring & evaluation tools to quantify behavioral change over time. 

  • Education & Training: We deliver highly practical, “how-to” trainings on cognitive & emotional performance through a variety of modalities, including seminars, workshops, and events.  

  • Keynotes: We cover a variety of areas including the neuroscience of behavior, bias, emotional health, ethics, relationships, collaboration, and leadership in ways that are compelling, engaging, and accurate. 

  • Applied Research: We implement human-centered research that examines problems through the perspective of stakeholders and science. We recognize that the best solutions are the ones that can be effectively implemented. 

  • Leadership Retreats & Impact Labs: We work closely with leadership to co-create interactive shifts in mindset and organizational-wide curricula that drive real results.  


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